Light blue mug 240 ml

Light blue mug 240 ml


Discover our elegant coffee mug made of high-quality stainless steel that combines durability with modern style. Available in beautiful, deep colors, this mug is not only eye-catching, but also keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature thanks to its heat-insulating properties. It's ideal for both home use and travel, thanks to its practical lid that ensures safe storage of your beverage. Enjoy every sip with style, wherever you are!

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✅This unique coffee mug has been carefully designed to combine functionality with unique style. Made of the highest quality stainless steel, it provides excellent insulation, keeping your beverage at your preferred temperature for a long time. The surface of the mug has been coated with a special paint, making it not only durable, but also pleasant to the touch.

✅What sets this mug apart is its unique design. Each mug features an original color that combines modern motifs with classic elegance. As a result, in addition to its practical use, the mug is also an extraordinary decoration for any desk or kitchen.

✅The mug is equipped with a heat-resistant silicone lid, which not only protects your drink from contamination, but also allows you to drink safely even on the run. The lid is designed to fit tightly around the rim of the cup, minimizing the risk of spills.

✅Whether it's a morning espresso or an afternoon latte, this coffee mug is the perfect companion both at home and at work. Its unique design and functionality make it an excellent choice for those who appreciate the combination of aesthetics and practical use.

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